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Triangular knitted Shawls by Siiri Reimann

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Triangular Knitted Shawls by Siiri Reimann

The history of Haapsalu lace spans more than two centuries. Over the course of time, many women who have lived in Haapsalu, have loved to produce different crafts, and have been infatuat- ed with lace knitting. The third book in the Masters of Haapsalu Lace series brings you shawls by Siiri Reimann, a prolific knitter and teacher. This book is a collection of 21 stunning triangular shawls along with instructions and patterns. All of the shawls are knitted seamlessly from the bottom up, which eliminates the need to sew the lace edging. The charts for the triangular shawls in this book are quite large and therefore we have printed them on separate pattern sheets, where the chart is clearly visible and easy for the knitter to use. Stitch patterns for the main body of the shawl are included in the book. These can be used both for Haapsalu lace shawls and for other items. Siiri’s shawl designs are photographed as reproductions of early 20th century photographs.

Siiri Reimann
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