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WWMD Knitting Magazine – Nr.184 - 2018 ArtNr.: 33916

Homegrown Happiness

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Homegrown Happiness

This month it’s all about homegrown happiness. We bring you 25 gorgeously stylish British knits including striking jumpers like Sarah Hatton’s Kildwick, Jo Allport’s pretty Shaped Hem Jumper, and accessories like Christine Boggis’ brioche gradient wrap in natural sheep shades Elemental perfect for sampling new wools. You can check out Abby Costen’s feature on yarn producers you can visit – Party Like a Flock Star – if you’d like to know where the yarn on your needles comes from. Plus, if these are too far afield, we’ve got a preview of London’s fabulous indie market Yarnporium by its organisers. With a great range of patterns and inspiration as well as all our regular features, you’ll find something for every yarny taste in the September issue of Knitting, out now!

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