WWMD The Knitter - Issue 59 / 2013 ArtNr.: 25089

15 Designer Projects

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Patterns in The Knitter issue 59

page 8 Plume of Feathers by Sasha Kagan

Stunning tunic combines amazing colourwork and lace patterning

page 24 Prairie Sunset by Sarah Hatton

Try out the different textures on this soft cotton sweater

page 35 Santorini by Marie Wallin

Big blooms add a holiday feel to this loose, comfortable top

page 43 Fields of Gold by Deborah Ireland

Drapey stole decorated with motifs of sunflowers and barley

page 50 Chicot by Emma King

Bag adorned with knitted feathers

page 53 Apollonia by Sirdar

Lightweight summer jacket has an interesting construction

page 55 Delfina by Debbie Bliss

Luxurious and lacy silk top

page 60 Venetian Windows by Hitomi Shida

Lustrous cotton tunic features architectural stitch patterns

page 66 Flickering Flower by Siân Brown

Lace jumper in a bright merino yarn

page 71 Chrysanta by Carol Feller

Striking one-sleeved summer top

page 74 Hippolyta by Jennie Atkinson

A sprinkling of beads adds sparkle to this fitted, high-necked cardigan

page 79 Miss Kitty by Louisa Harding

Fresh and flattering smock

page 84 Alda by Barb Brown

Luscious lace socks with frilled edging

page 87 Cote Sauvage by Bergère de France

Radical vest formed from cable strips

There's also an exclusive supplement, with this clever 2-in-1 stole pattern by Judy Furlong.

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