Elsebeth Lavold The Sunny Side Collection Art no.: 11615

Elsebeth Lavold - Designer's Choice Book 11

By her own assessment, working with an interesting and fun yarn like Cotton Frappé, which comes in both solids and mix colors, has really brought out the sunny side of designer Elsebeth Lavold. After browsing through the collection, you will most likely agree. The Sunny Side Collection is the most summery, relaxed, and easy-to-knit she has produced to date. No less than eight designs are made in Cotton Frappé. Honey, a solid color shell with a beautiful lace pattern on the front as well as the back, shown on the front cover combined with a multi-colored wrap cardigan, Meadow, are two of them. Back cover design Gladys, the versatile sweater with three V-neck variations, is another. Other yarns used in the collection are Angora, Cable Cotton, Cotton Patiné, Hempathy, Silky Cashmere, and Silky Wool. Most of the designs are less demanding to knit, but it wouldn't be an Elsebeth Lavold collection if it didn't also include challenges for the advanced knitter. The intricately patterned jacket Felicia is one example. Both knitters who appreciate Elsebeth Lavold's more classical and stylish designs and those who have waited for her to show a little more wild side have a good chance of finding a favorite in The Sunny Side Collection.

Elsebeth Lavold
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