Interweave Spin Off CD Collection 2012 Art no.: 32272

1 CD - 4 Issues

Experience all three issues of Spin-Off magazine from 2012 as well as the Winter 2013 issue!

Spring 2012

Techniques: Explore color blending by flick carding wool, learn (almost) exactly how twist is inserted into fiber when using a spinning wheel, see Bedouin spinning in Qatar, and discover how to recycle yarn from garments.

Fiber Focus: Lincoln Longwool.

Projects: Weave a Lincoln Longwool leash, crochet Beth Smith’s market bag, and create the Golden Hour Bag in gorgeous knitted colorwork.

Summer 2012

Techniques: Discover spindle spinning techniques including spinning on a tahkli spindle and Russian-style spindles, learn a Navajo plying method, and develop your skills by spinning singles for knitting and crochet.

Fiber Focus: Portland.

Projects: Knit the Tenney Park Scarf, Ladies’ Cycling Mitts, a pair of handspun socks, and the Blenheim Roses Cowl and Mitts; weave the Portland Scarf; and crochet a pair of socks.

Fall 2012

Techniques: Get tips for shipping a spinning wheel, learn what should be in every spinner’s survival kit, discover the importance of taking notes while preparing fiber, and learn how to spin the perfect warp for a rigid-heddle loom.

Fiber focus: East Friesian Sheep.

Projects: Discover many projects to knit including: an East Friesian sweater, eyelet socks, a neck warmer, and two shawls, plus there are some drawstring bags to weave and a sewn art-yarn scarf.

Winter 2013

Techniques: Learn the best direction to spin for the way you knit, discover how to clean fleeces with good bacteria, and explore ways to use a blending board for artistic results.

Fiber focus: Wild silk, and American versus British Wensleydale.

Projects: Find knitting patterns for a brioche stitch cardigan, an everyday shirt, and a fun collar for crisp days, as well as a crochet pattern for a magical child’s cape for the holidays.

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