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Interweave Handwoven - January/February 2015 ArtNr.: 28147

11 Projects

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Handwoven January/February 2015 explores colorful cotton. You'll get 11 projects to try, from table mats, to blankets, to towels, and more!
Marian Stubenitsky’s vibrant table squares are lessons in polychrome doubleweave and turned taqueté; Susan Horton’s bed runner glows like fire while prompting us to consider new interpretations of weaving for the home. Trudy Sonia’s luminous tablet and phone pouches invite us to hone our inkle skills; Carol
Reinhold teaches us how to transition colors in her painterly placemats. Towels by Deanna Deeds and Linda Adamson tempt us with saturated colors and intriguing weave structures.

Highlights include:

  • Cotton for Handweavers by Stephenie Gaustad
  • Finishing Handwoven Cotton Fabrics by Sharon Alderman
  • Idea Gallery: Playing with Pattern and Color by Alan A. Luhring and Sarah H. Jackson
  • Traditions: Cajun Cotton by Tom Knisely

Projects include:

  • Iridescent Echoes Table Mats by Marian Stubenitsky
  • Bright and Handy Inkle Bags by Trudy Sonia
  • Belle Creole Bed Runner by Susan E. Horton
  • Pure Delight Towels by Deanna Deeds
  • Huck and Snuggle Baby Blanket by Kate Lange-McKibben
  • and much more!
Interweave Press
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