Interweave PieceWork September - October 2016 ArtNr.: 31474

Discover nine projects to knit, embroider and sew, all of which were inspired by classic literature!

  • PieceWork September - October 2016
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Discover nine projects to knit, embroider and sew, all of which were inspired by classic literature!

PieceWork’s annual nod to the literary world celebrates the clandestine world of the mystery genre. This issue features behind-the-scenes stories on admired authors Ngaio Marsh and Patricia Moyes, as well as a salute to our much-loved literary heroines. You will find nine projects including a Knitting Bag inspired by sleuth Nancy Drew, Pippi’s Long Stockings and a delightful Regency-era doll dress fashioned after those of the Jane Austen period. Readers also get a glimpse into the world of beloved children’s author Jan Brett and the pattern to re-create the mittens from her beloved classic The Mitten, an adaptation of a classic Ukrainian folktale. And don’t forget to check out the winners of this year’s PieceWork Miniatures Contest!

Features and Projects included in this issue:

  • PieceWork Miniatures Contest - 2016 Winners

  • Inside the Mitten: A Peek into Jan Brett’s Adaptation of a Classic Ukrainian Folktale by Kathy Augustine

  • Handwork and the Mystery Genre by Julie Turjoman

  • Maudje-Jane Cloche to Knit by Julie Turjoman

  • The Secret in the Stitches: Nancy Drew and Knitting by Kathy Augustine

  • Nancy’s Knitting Bag to Knit by Kathy Augustine

  • Dimity’s Baby Cap to Knit by Evelyn A. Clark

  • Whodunit?: Ask Jane Austen by Mary Polityka Bush

  • A Regency-Era Doll Dress to Sew and Embroider by Mary Polityka Bush

  • A Scarf to Knit for Vera by Susan Strawn

  • Fabrications: Textile Notes in Ngaio Marsh’s New Zealand Mysteries by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

  • Carol’s Mystery Cowl to Knit by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

  • Patricia Moyes’s Lethal Knitting Needle by Mimi Seyferth

  • Windmill Socks to Knit by Mimi Seyferth

  • Pippi’s Long Stockings to Knit by Laura Ricketts

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