WWMD Simply Knitting Issue 160 June 2017 ArtNr.: 32346

The knitters best friend

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24 Summer patterns

Our knitting diaries are getting pretty full!
Just when you think you’ve got a quiet minute or two to get a bit of knitting done, along come a host of fantastic knitting shows. We’ll be heading up to Cumbria for the very woolly Woolfest (23-24 June), and we’ve made sure to mark 15-16 July on our calendars for the second ever Yarningham, in (you guessed it) Birmingham.
We can’t wait to get our hands on all those scrumptious hand-dyed yarns and give them a good squidge – every knitter deserves to treat themselves once in a while. And we’re a little more than excited to have the chance to meet a few friendly sheep and cuddly alpacas!

To keep your needles going until it’s showtime (whichever show you’re going to!) we’ve packed this issue with cleverly constructed garments, quick and easy knits, fun cosies and toys, plus a guide to how to knit perfect pockets.

Don’t miss this year’s Commit To Knit charity pattern booklet! We’ve teamed up with UK Hand Knitting once again to bring you a fab collection of projects to cast on for charity. From mittens and hats to cosy blankets, there’s something for everyone in your free booklet

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