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WWMD Simply Knitting Issue 175 - 2018 ArtNr.: 33777

The Knitter's best Friend!

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Summer Special

Cast on a dreamy top for summer this issue! We have so many to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re after something light and lacy, or perhaps modern and striking, there’s a knit we’re sure you’ll fall in love with.

Our accessory knits come in the form of a practical but cosy travel set, perfect for those jetting off to warmer climes, and a lacy leaf bag for shopping at those open air markets.

We’ve really treated the littles this issue too, with not two but three great knits. Cast on our super-cute animal skittles for soft and safe playtimes, make magical moments with our fun robot, and for tiny ones try a selection of baby blocks in gentle shades.

Finish your month by learning how to knit socks the easy way – our three-part feature starts with cuffs, and offers a simple starter sock pattern to get you going


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