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WWMD Simply Knitting Issue 177 - 2018 ArtNr.: 33918

The Knitter's best Friend!

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Great new Season Collection

This issue, we’re casting on lacy summer-to-autumn cover-ups and fun makes for Halloween, with patterns from the fabulous Pat Menchini, Jo Allport, Sarah Hatton and more.

Issue 177 is packed with textured makes for the season ahead, colourful knits to keep the warm vibes going and sweet makes for little ones (and yourself), too. Don’t miss Jane Burns’ spooky spider cardi, as well as Sarah Murray’s trick or treating collection for little monsters.

It’s not all ghosts and pumpkins this issue, though – we have a great selection of loose, comfy knits filled with exciting techniques, rocking socks (plus expert advice on knitting toes), sea creature toys, a super spotty blanket and so much more! Happy knitting…


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