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WWMD Simply Knitting Issue 181 - 2018 ArtNr.: 34261

Valentine’s Day Issue!

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Welcome to our super loved-up Valentine’s Day issue!

The big day is just around the corner, and to celebrate we've put together a collection of patterns for you to knit for the ones you love. Everyone shows affection differently, and on every day of the week, not just midway through February for the day – so these are knits that will help you say "I care" to all the special people in your life, all year round!

Those in the mood to indulge themselves (and why not?) will fall head over heels for Pat Menchini’s gorgeous cover jumper. Knitted in romantic rainbow shades, it’s the new team fave. Perhaps you want to share the sentiment with your little ones – Monica Fuertes’ delightful cupids are ideal for making children feel super special.

Need to send a heartfelt hug? Wrapping up in a handknitted blanket is the best therapy, and part three of our KAL blanket by Lynne Rowe is filled with sweet heart motifs. Or you could opt to keep their chilly toes warm with our decadent lace socks in this month’s extra booklet.


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