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Interweave Spin Off CD Collection 2014 ArtNr.: 32275

1 CD - 4 Issues

  • Spin Off CD Collection 2014

Enjoy all four issues of Spin-Off magazine as they were originally published in 2014! Discover spinning with natural fibers, spinners who've turned their craft into a business, and basic spinning tips and techniques, all on one easy package!

Winter 2014

Spin the unusual! Add twist to fibers such as chinchilla, Spanish moss, barrel cactus, bamboo, and mercerized wool. Kate Larson reveals Sally Fox's challenges to produce naturally colored cotton. Deb Robson examines spinners' role in saving rare breeds of sheep. Allison Judge mentions the "M word" and gives tips on fighting off pests in your stash. Ann W. Klinect gives advice on showing off your handspun with insight into the Northwest Regional Spinners Association's standardized system for judging.

Spring 2014
Indulge in color! Jump in - blend, dye, and ply your way to vivid color play. Have no fear of the deep end of the dye pot; our color heroes will show you the way. Karen Pike reveals how to turn a disappointing fleece into treasure. Follow Susan Z. Douglas's lead in never-ending blending with experimental sequence batts. Lynn Ruggles proves that the grass is always greener when you can harvest dyes from your own backyard.

Summer 2014
A world of fiber awaits you! Just open the pages of Spin-Off and explore. The first stop on our itinerary is Victoria, British Columbia, where Barbara Rimmer and Beatrice Keizers tell the story of the Flax to Linen Project. Our next stop is the southeastern United States, where Christina Pappas recounts the rich textile traditions of Native Americans. From there, head east to Laos, where Coleen Nimetz details a day in the life of silk farm workers.

Fall 2014

Whether you use a drop spindle, a wheel, or an e-spinner, tools add twist to our fiber. Breeds may come and go, but our tools are an investment - built to last. Leslie Ordal interviews wheel master Alvin Ramer and learns how he keeps antique spinning tools humming. Tom Golding teaches you to fix the annoying drop spindle wobble. Constance Hall demonstrates the versatility of blending boards.

Interweave Press
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