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Interweave Spin Off - Fall 2015 ArtNr.: 29113

  • Spin Off - Fall 2015
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In this issue, challenge your spinning skills with fun new ways to ply: four-strand Navajo-ply yarn, luxurious corespun squiggle yarn, subtle but fun "pill-bug" yarn, and colorful optically blended yarns. Is there a right amount of twist? How about the best number of plies for lace? Find out in articles from Judith MacKenzie, Maggie Casey, and Beth Smith. Discover how Orenburg spinners add the distinctive silk ply to their yarns with a step-by-step demonstration from Galina Khmeleva, and read about what makes rope different from yarn with an opinionated essay by the dynamic duo of Alden Amos and Stephenie Gaustad. Find out how to spin more consistently with the new "Ask a Spinning Teacher" column. Kate Larson's Durham Chevron Cowl is the perfect way to use two different yarns in an irresistible knitted accessory. The issue also included an exclusive excerpt of The Practical Spinner's Guide: Wool, also by Kate Larson

Interweave Press
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