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Interweave Spin Off - Winter 2018 ArtNr.: 32943

Natural Fiber Issue

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Natural Fiber Issue

As winter arrives in the northern hemisphere, we start thinking about the warmth of handspun yarn, the heat of a fireplace as we spin, and the jovial nights with friends and family throughout the holidays. We’ve devoted the Winter 2018 issue of Spin Off to the natural fibers that keep us so warm all winter long. Join us as we take a look beyond our usual geographic and linguistic boundaries to find new woolly wonders. Begin close to home with the included Natural Fiber Directory, then venture afield to learn about sheep and goats in Asia. Discover 25 new-to-you fiber animal breeds, and learn to use a hackle and a Scottish spindle. You’ll also find four projects to knit with your handspun that will keep you cozy when the winter winds surround you. Finally, find out how you can make fiber destinations part of your vacations this year. Stay warm and enjoy the season with your spinning and your copy of Spin Off Winter 2018.

Interweave Press
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