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WWMD The Knitter - Issue 81 / 2015 ArtNr.: 28306

Inspiring Designs

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Our new issue, The Knitter issue 81, is on sale now, and our collection of inspirational patterns contains must-have knits for all the family in cables, lace and colourwork.

Our latest design collection includes must-knit cardigans, sweaters and accessories for all the family. Emma Vining’s cosy sweater cleverly plays with cables and darning techniques to create a fresh, leaf-like effect, while Amanda Jones’s warm pink jumper has luscious lace.

On a grey day, bring colour to your outfit with a richly hued Fair Isle waistcoat by Mary Henderson. Mary has also created a leafy shawl for us in Shetland wool. And subtle colour is the theme of Pat Menchini’s poloneck sweater; its classic style will appeal to both men and women.

Elsewhere, we have stunning textures in the form of a belted cable jacket, an elegant girl’s cardigan by Sarah Hatton, neat socks by Clare Devine, and much more. Our supplement this month is the first in our series of ‘Knitting around the world’, with a pattern for a traditional Swedish wrap shawl.

We also chat with Ravelry favourite Hannah Fettig, and bring you a round-up of the best knitting holidays for 2015. It will have you dreaming of lazy days in the sun!

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