WWMD Simply Knitting Issue 169 - 2018 ArtNr.: 33100

The Knitter's best Friend!

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The new issue of Simply Knitting 169 is on sale now and spring is coming! As the days start to become longer our yarn preferences subconsciously switch from chunky to DK, 4ply and cotton, but we’re never completely done with winter knits, no matter what the month. So for this on-the-cusp issue we’re happy to be introducing a seasonal mix of goodies.

Check out our pretty colours, occasion treats and warm wears – from our cool, cotton hat and mitts and Valentine’s Day friendly lovebird tea cosy to the bright block colours of our cover sweater. Start this month’s to-do list by reading our feature about blocking. Love it or leave it, you’ll be amazed how it can improve your finished knits.

Enjoy Amanda Berry's gorgeous woodland mobile and Tea Cosy Folk's lovebirds tea cosy, this issue. Simply too cute!

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