Elsebeth Lavold THE WALK IN THE PARK COLLECTION ArtNr.: 12581

Designers Choice Book Twelve

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Elsebeth Lavold designed two sweaters for herself and for Anders Rydell, her husband and co-worker. These designs, Isa and Max, and two sculptures (!), were the igniting sparks for what was to become The Walk in the Park Collection.

The designer herself characterizes the collection in terms of "urban elegance", and both the front cover kimono-style jacket Harriet and the back cover design Viveca support that impression very well. Elsebeth even claims Viveca to be probably the most sophisticated garment in the entire collection.

The collection spans from the light, chic, and very feminine Silky Wool sweater Lena to the warm and cozy Angora shawl Annalisa, photographed on the most mature model she's used to date, over 200 years old. Other yarns used in the collection are ChunkyAl, ClassicAl and Silky Cashmere.

All of the designs may not be a walk in the park to knit - as usual in a Designer's Choice collection, there are both projects that are relatively easy and projects for the more advanced knitter. But as you can imagine from the title, chances are that old and new fans of Elsebeth Lavold will discover designs that they find most suitable for a walk in the park, and have a lot of fun knitting them.
Elsebeth Lavold
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