Elsebeth Lavold The Small Things Matter ArtNr.: 15613

Designer's Choice Book 17

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This is in many ways a very different Elsebeth Lavold book. All the projects are rather small and quite a few of them quick and easy to knit - ideal for gifts. Randi, on the back cover, is a good example. Elsebeth has included sketches to explain some knitting techniques to facilitate for those who are new to her design, or relatively new to knitting.
Still, more advanced knitters will find projects to their liking as well. There are examples of many of the designer trademarks that have brought Elsebeth Lavold a large and dedicated group of fans: unusual shaping, attention to detail, and attractive designs that are both fashionable and timeless.
This is also the first book where her famous Viking Knits appear side by side with more urban-chic designs. She has even, for the first time ever, designed a Viking Knits garment in lace knitting: the stunning shawl Frida on the front cover. The construction of the square box, also on the front cover, is inspired by Native American bentwood boxes. Among the many projects, you will find beautiful bridal accessories in lace, and a pillow with the same pretty lace pattern.
So �small� in no way equals �insignificant�. Find out for yourself in The Small Things Matter Collection.
Elsebeth Lavold
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