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Set off on a textile adventure with PieceWork Winter 2020 and read about the threads that connect our needlework traditions. Explore the evolution of early crochet and flat-hook knitting with Cary Karp, and then crochet a pair of Victorian slip-stitch gloves. Uncover the origins of the iconic, red woolen chéchia worn in Tunisia. Susan Strawn investigates a nineteenth-century quiltmaker in Iowa who stitched planetary bodies into cloth. All this, and much more, await you on your journey.

  • Franklin Habit shares a necessity from his sewing-tool collection that no lady—or soldier—left home without.

  • Discover how to interlace Inuit string figures, a traditional form of storytelling from the Arctic.

  • Learn about the white wedding lace worn by a young Queen Victoria.

  • Plus, three projects to knit and full, crochet, and stitch.


Interweave Press
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