Interweave Spin Off - Winter 2013 ArtNr.: 24095

The Natural Fiber Issue

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The Natural Fiber Issue

In this issue, we’re looking at natural fiber. We take a look at wild silk. We explore many facets of wool: Comparing American Wensleydale to British Wensleydale, looking at sustaining sheep ranching in Northern Wyoming, and ensuring the quality of wool available to spinners with the Canterbury Prize Wool Group.

You will learn the best direction to spin for the way you knit, how to match millspun yarn, how to clean fleeces with good bacteria, and how to use a blending board for artistic results. Find patterns for a brioche cardigan and an everyday shirt, as well as a fun collar for crisp days and a magical child’s cape for the holidays.

This issue also includes our annual special pull out Natural Fiber Directory full of suppliers and mills from across the United States and around the world.

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